“My First Day School” Lagu Anak Seru Di Tahun Ajaran Baru

  Tahun ajaran baru, tak seharusnya anak malu-malu. Hati mereka harus ceria selalu. Meskipun anak-anak bertemu dengan teman dan tempat yang baru! Buat suasana akrab dengan sebuah lagu yuuu…!!

The Students’ First Day School will a great day if they sing this song!

Today is my first day school

I meet some new friends

They are stolid and mousy

but I need a friend to talk to

Then I tried to be friendly

and try to smile to them

Then I try to be friendly

and try to shake their hand

one by one 3x

Study is pleasure after I get many friends

School is a comfort place after I get many friends

One by one…..

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