“Cute White Cat” (Kucing Mungil Berbulu Putih)

Rony walks on the sidewalk. Rony eats a bread. Rony sees a small white cat. The cat is very cute. Rony gives the cat a small piece of bread. The cat eats the piece of bread. Rony continues to walk. The cat follows Rony. Rony stops to walk. The cat stops to walk. Rony walks again. The cat walks again. Rony crosses the street. The cat crosses the street.
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Rony gets to his house. Rony closes the door of his house. The cat meows in front of the door. Rony opens the door. The cat comes closer to Rony. The cat licks Rony. The cat likes Rony. Rony says, “Do you want to be my friend?” The cat says,”Meeeoooow…. .” Rony lets the cat enter his house. They play ball together in the house. Continued

Pentingnya Menghafal Nama Teman

I am in a city garden. I sit on a bench. The bench is so small. I am alone. I see someone at the corner. I know him, but I don’t know his name. He wears a blue shirt. The shirt is very cool. He comes to me. He asks me, ”Are you Hendra?” I answers,”Yes, I am. What is your name?”

He says nothing. He looks so disappointed. He leaves me. I feel so guilty. I am alone again. Next time, I will memorize my friends’ name.

Translation (Terjemahan): Continued

My Best Teacher (Guru terbaikku)

Marry sits nicely. Marry is in the class-room. She is in English class. English class is her favorite. She likes the teacher and the subject. Her teacher is friendly, helpful, and smart. Her teacher answers everyone’s questions. Her teacher always makes the class fun. Every student loves him. He is my best teacher.

Two months ago, she asked her teacher how to spell “trailer”. Marry’s teacher told her how to spell it. Marry said,”Thank you, Sir”. Her teacher answered, “You’re welcome, clever student”

Terjemahan (Translation): Continued

Writing Is Exciting (menulis Itu Menyenangkan) – Dongeng Anak, Cerita Anak, Cerpen Anak, Cerita Pendek, Dongeng Moral Pendidikan

My father is a famous writer. He works in a well-known magazine company. My father loves his job. He comes to many countries and cities to get news. He is so diligent and smart.

I like to write also. I like to write short story. I like to write about fairy tale and animals. I want to be like my father. I want to be a famous writer.


Cerita Anak Fabel: “The Baby Parrots” (Anak-anak Burung Kakak Tua)

The Baby Parrots

There was a nest in a tree. The baby parrots lived in that nest. There were two baby parrots there. They were green baby parrot and red baby parrot. The baby parrots were waiting for mama parrot. They felt hungry. The green parrot said, ”When will Mom go home?” Continued

Dongeng Anak: “Wounded Bird” (Burung Yang Terluka)

I find a bird. It is wounded on its right wing. I take the bird. I look after it. I put it into a cage.

Everyday, I shed Iodine on the wounded wing. I pray for it. I wish that it will be fine.

One week later, it is getting better. It can fly in the cage from one side to the others. I think it will be happy to fly at the outside.

I open the cage. I take the bird. I pet its small head. Finally, I let it fly away. It sings so loud. It flies highly in the sky. I south to the bird, ”Go away… and find your family!”


Mother’s Love to Me (Kasih Ibu Kepada Beta)

She took care of me when I was a little child. She taught me many things. She taught me how to draw, read, write, and sing. She taught me how to play badminton. She taught me how to get dressed. She taught me how to wear my shoes. She taught me how to comb my cruelly hair. She taught me how to be a nice boy. She taught me how to be polite to my teachers. She taught me how to make friend. She taught me how to help others. She taught me how to love by her sincere love. I know what love by her love. Mom, thanks for your love, God, thanks for giving me a great Mom. Continued

Dongeng Anak: “Release A Butterfly” (Membebaskan Kupu-kupu)

Release A Butterfly

Sari finds a plastic box. He finds it in the field. It is an interesting plastic box. He opens the plastic box. He looks inside the box. He sees nothing. He shakes it. Something comes out of the box. It flies to the air. It is very beautiful. It has pretty colorful wings. Sari feels so happy and says, “I make a butterfly free.”


Dongeng Anak : Love Your Enemy (Sayangilah Musuhmu)

I have two pets. They are Catty and Blacky. Catty is a cat. It has white fur. Catty is very nice. Catty likes to eat cookies. Blacky is a dog. Blacky has black fur. Blacky is very cute. Blacky likes to eat pizza. Do you think cat and dog become enemy? I say ,”No!” They become good friend. Do you know why? Because they staid in my house since they were babies. They were together for along time. They had understood each other. Do you have an enemy? Hmm… Maybe you just don’t understand each other. You just need time to make friend. So love your friend and give your time to him or her.

Terjemahan (Translation): Continued

Mengajarkan SIKAP SOPAN dengan Dongeng: “SOPAN KEPADA SIAPA SAJA”


Tuan James adalah seorang pengusaha sukses yang kaya raya. Dia tinggal di sebuah rumah mewah bersama istri, dua orang anak perempuan, dam memiliki tiga orang pelayan dengan tugas masing-masing. Keluarga James memiliki seorang tukang cuci baju, seorang tukang membersihkan ruangan, dan seorang tukang masak. Walaupun mereka adalah keluarga yang terhormat, namun Tuan dan Nyonya James selalu mengajarkan kepada anak-anak mereka untuk menghargai setiap orang tanpa pandang bulu.
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