“Cute White Cat” (Kucing Mungil Berbulu Putih)

Rony walks on the sidewalk. Rony eats a bread. Rony sees a small white cat. The cat is very cute. Rony gives the cat a small piece of bread. The cat eats the piece of bread. Rony continues to walk. … Continued

Pentingnya Menghafal Nama Teman

I am in a city garden. I sit on a bench. The bench is so small. I am alone. I see someone at the corner. I know him, but I don’t know his name. He wears a blue shirt. The … Continued

My Best Teacher (Guru terbaikku)

Marry sits nicely. Marry is in the class-room. She is in English class. English class is her favorite. She likes the teacher and the subject. Her teacher is friendly, helpful, and smart. Her teacher answers everyone’s questions. Her teacher always … Continued

Writing Is Exciting (menulis Itu Menyenangkan) – Dongeng Anak, Cerita Anak, Cerpen Anak, Cerita Pendek, Dongeng Moral Pendidikan

My father is a famous writer. He works in a well-known magazine company. My father loves his job. He comes to many countries and cities to get news. He is so diligent and smart. I like to write also. I … Continued

Cerita Anak Fabel: “The Baby Parrots” (Anak-anak Burung Kakak Tua)

The Baby Parrots There was a nest in a tree. The baby parrots lived in that nest. There were two baby parrots there. They were green baby parrot and red baby parrot. The baby parrots were waiting for mama parrot. … Continued

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